Mr. Rice

Over the past few weeks while I educated myself on the candidates running for office in my state I have come across several statements you have made concerning our involvement in the Iraq war. You have made statements such as there was never and is not now Al Qaeda in Iraq. Which is a bold […]

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When my children were younger I taught them to share. I never thought that I would in my adult life have to learn that lesson again. My son Micheal does not belong to just me anymore. He belongs to this Nation. His life was given as a gift so they could continue to be free […]

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The Dark Things

The darkness is coming again. I feel it like a slow moving fog coming over me. The hurt is more intense, the anger more encompassing, the sadness numbing. I slowly being to feel like I am on the outside of the world looking in. I just want to hide from it but know that it […]

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It’s the Little Things

This poem is floating around the net. It is pretty powerful. The Path I Have Chosen Must Be Taken Alone (Author Unknown) You stay up for 16 hours, He stays up for days on end; You take a warm shower to help you wake up, He goes days or weeks without running water; You complain […]

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When I announced early on after my son’s death I would be at the homecoming of his fellow soldiers I received a lot of reactions. From how strong I must be to how crazy I am for putting myself in to a situation that would surely bring me more pain. What most did not understand […]

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Oct. 8th 2007

A year ago today was the last time I hugged my son. I thought it was the last time for 15th months. I didn’t know at the time it would be the last time ever. If I had I would have never let go. We had spent the weekend together as a family. Had bonfires […]

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The Coin

“How do we spend the coin of our life? Some choose how they want to spend it, some have the choice made for them. The bravest people I know have put the coin on the table, willing to cash it for what they believe. For fate reasons unknown, some have it cashed, while others are […]

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