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Anti-war Protests…Next Time Just Slap me

It’s one thing to hear about or even see pictures and video of something, it’s something completely different to actually experience it.  I have read about anti war protest.. I’ve seen the videos and pictures. .. and yes they were upsetting. I have listened to others talk about their experiences at antiwar protest and thought […]

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Everything Happens For A Reason

There are things that happen that I know is Micheal just messing with me and then there are things that happen and I know there is a reason. And then sometimes the most unexpected things happen and I have to wonder how much of a hand Micheal has had in these events. And yet I […]

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A Gift…

Last time we went out to visit Micheal’s grave I noticed the 101st Airborne flag I had put there was becoming tattered and needed replaced. I asked the wife of one of the men who served with Micheal if she could pick one up at the Post museum gift shop for me and I would […]

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An Old Soul…

While driving home from picking my daughter Bob up from wrestling practice we were discussing her Dad’s birthday gift.  I suggested we get him a birdbath for the front yard.  “Why does Dad like watching birds? Old people watch birds”  I laughed and said “Now wait a minute Micheal liked to watch birds. In fact […]

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Angel Flight

Just when I think I have heard it all seen it all experienced it all something will happen that brings it all back. It can be anything but my reaction is always the same. My breath catches in my throat, my heart literally skips a beat then aches and fight the tears back with all […]

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Veteran’s Day 2009

I have a blog I wrote on my lunch break I was going to post for Veteran’s Day but I read something today and will be posting it for Veteran’s Day instead because I feel it says it all so much better…. I will post the other blog later. Thank you to all you that […]

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Hearts and Minds. Whose First?

President Obama… this morning you went to welcome home 18 Fallen men. You watched as their flag draped caskets were walked solemnly from the plane. You saluted and I assume you looked into the eyes of their families. I hope you listened to their words.  I hope you asked about who these men were in […]

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Taking Care of Those Who Come Home

If you know me or have read my blogs at all you know that taking care of those who come home from war is my mission in life. It is my way of honoring my son and taking care of him through his brothers in arms.  To the right of this blog you will see […]

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