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“Me Time”; Finding A Balance

Was speaking to a friend and was asked “Don’t you get any “me time”? And the truth is not really. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and the time I spend with them but there is something to be said for solitude and the balance you can find in it. The problem is […]

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Yes I am OK…

Last night within 15 minutes I had 5 people ask me if I was ok. They got the standard “Yep I’m always ok” answer but it got me wondering if it was that obvious that something has been up with me. And yes it has. It’s called the month of May ( yes I am […]

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

This blog is mostly about my son but tonight I feel the need to talk about two things my son loved the military and his Uncles.  You see Pokey’s Uncle and his “husband” are gay. Been together forever.. they are the “Uncles” and very much loved by our family and we are richer for having […]

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It Saddens Me Greatly

On Nov.4th 2010 Sgt. Jason James McCluskey gave his life in the line of duty.  He was 26 years old.  On Nov.13th, 2010 his family and friends gathered to say their final farewells to him.   His funeral should have been solemn occasion…It should have been a send off done with honor and dignity.  But Westboro […]

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My Companion… Grief

She was no longer wrestling with the grief, but could sit down with it as a lasting companion and make it a sharer in her thoughts.  ~George Eliot I have spent over 2 and a half years reading quotes looking for that  one pearl of wisdom that will make it ok. I read this quote […]

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They’re Here (Updated)

You may read this and think I am insane or that the grief has finally pushed me over the edge but I feel I have to share this story. Last night through the men and families of the Company my son served with and I have adopted as my extended family I found out we […]

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Take Luck Harding…I Miss You Son

A few days after Micheal was killed we got a call from Iraq.. I knew the number was from Iraq I had spent the last months waiting for that 1191 to show up on my phone. I had to ask 3 times for the young man’s name. He was obviously emotional, PFC Mark Harding was […]

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Remembering on Memorial Day

A few days ago I received a message from an Army medic. Angelia.. I tried so hard not to make memorial day a day for Moms to have to remember. I tried really hard to make sure it was a day their sons and daughters came home to see them, not the other way around. […]

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