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No Man Left Behind

We’ve all heard the military quote “No Man left behind” But it wasn’t until last weekend as I sat listening to a veteran Marine talking to an Army Sgt about how the Army helicopter pilot who saved him and many others in Vietnam by flying in a hot zone repeatedly to save men that it […]

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Ranger Tabs

Micheal’s best friend in his unit was Fagan. I remember the first time he told me about Fagan. I asked ” Like the Dicken’s character?” and got a “Yeah whatever” These two were soooo much alike. Both artist, both loved history, both were cut ups. In fact they were partners in crime when it came […]

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ATC and the Fallen Comrades Table….

In September of 2005 when Pokey joined the Army as a delayed entry recruit I adopted the recruiters here in town. They were just such a nice group of guys how could I not.  I would bake them cookies and monkey breads and go visit. Monkey Bread became an office favorite.  Sgt S  would drool […]

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Of All the Stupid Things to Say…

Recently a young friend of mine lost someone he loved very much. His 5 yr old cousin… Someone made the statement to him “I know how you feel my goldfish died this morning” He was incredulous. So was I but I was not surprised. I heard many stupid things following Micheal’s death. I sometimes wonder […]

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When Life Prepares You

Every once in awhile something takes me back to something I heard or read years ago and I almost wonder if it was to prepare me for what I face today. I know everything is a lesson and makes us who we are and therefore prepares us for this moment. But certain things seem to […]

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