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A Mother’s Promise

I rarely made promises to my children as they were growing up. I had had many promises made to me that were broken and I knew the feeling of disappointment. So I would say I would try, I will do my best, I hope, anything but I promise. So when I did made a promise […]

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Sitting At A Red Light

Last Friday on the way home from work a car pulled up to me at a red light waving and trying to get me to roll down my window… “What is a Gold Star Parent?” Obviously referring to my license plate. How does one answer that question at a 30 second red light? My son […]

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Another Year Has Passed Without You

My Dear Son, Micheal it has been 5 yrs since you were taken from us. Every year gets a little harder because we have learned to anticipate the days that we are hardest hit by emotions and because we have marked more milestones of life that you are not here to share. Yesterday marked 5 […]

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Beginning a New Year: 2013

For many people New Years Day is a day to start fresh. A chance to begin working towards new goals or write a next chapter in their lives. In many ways it is for me also but it’s also a reminder that we are facing one more year with out our Micheal. That we are […]

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