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Christmas Wreath Laying

A couple of days ago a friend of mine called from the local Chamber of Commerce to tell me the Daughters of the American Revolution were going to be laying a Christmas wreath at the memorial downtown and wanted to honor my son when they did so. My son is the last name to be […]

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Abuse by the Media

Yesterday evening I was told about L/Cpl Joshua Bernad. I had read his name in the DoD releases and knew he had been killed fighting in Afghanistan. I did not know that the AP wire service had made a decision to release pictures of this young man after he had been injured. The family begged […]

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When Life Prepares You

Every once in awhile something takes me back to something I heard or read years ago and I almost wonder if it was to prepare me for what I face today. I know everything is a lesson and makes us who we are and therefore prepares us for this moment. But certain things seem to […]

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