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Beginning a New Year: 2013

For many people New Years Day is a day to start fresh. A chance to begin working towards new goals or write a next chapter in their lives. In many ways it is for me also but it’s also a reminder that we are facing one more year with out our Micheal. That we are […]

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Flowers For Our Child

While many are out looking for that perfect gift for their kid, that they think they can’t live without. I get to buy some fake flowers for my kid, that I’m having to live without. ~ Gold Star Mother Judy G Vincent I read this early this evening. It’s true. As a society we are […]

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He Had More Than Just A Mom

For 4+ years I have watched as my husband and children are forgotten. Their lose and pain goes unacknowledged. I have made it part of my mission to use my voice as a Gold Star Mother to make people aware that Fathers and siblings have also lost someone they love very much. I had to […]

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Ask Me How He Lived

This past Tuesday we officially named the local post office in honor of our son Micheal. It was a good day.. Rep. Tom Cole had very nice things to say about Micheal and our family. A few tears were shed and a lot of smiles. We were able to send out 30 care packages to […]

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The Christening

Went to get my nails done today.. something I had stopped doing after we lost Micheal and only recently started again. It’s my once a month vanity indulgence. As I sat waiting for the polish to dry the older lady next to me remarked about my bracelet and how unusual it is. I explained it […]

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Chris Hayes “Uncomfortable” Calling Fallen Heroes…I Agree, Sort Of

Excerpted from the Examiner: On Sunday, the day before Memorial Day 2012, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said he was “uncomfortable” calling America’s fallen military “heroes.” “I feel comfortable, ah, uncomfortable, about the word [heroes] because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war,” he stammered. “Um,” he added, “and, […]

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