Mr. Cruz, Let’s Talk About Sacrifices

I don’t usually do politics on this blog BUT Ted Cruz wants to talk about his sacrifices…. This campaign fund raiser email was sent to a COMBAT Veteran… Where to start where to start:

** There are constant incoming attacks** WORDS are not attacks. How dare you even remotely compare people debating you and questioning your ability to be president as an ATTACK to a Veteran!!!!! If you can’t take the media and opponents coming after you verbally you don’t have the internal fortitude to be President, you pansy! An Attack is an EFP, IED, RPGS, and a fire fight… our military has faced real attacks for years. Only to come home and have the suppose Conservative supporters turn on them. Grateful nation my ass!

** now I’m sacrificing even more sleep with long nights and constant travel. And the fast food diet is a staple on the campaign trail.**
How about No sleep and MREs if you’re lucky? You stay in 5 star hotels and no one is trying to kill you constantly. Yet your sacrifices is so Great Mr. Cruz you dare ask a Veteran to honor your sacrifices when you can’t even acknowledge his!

**Personal time is not possible.** No personal time? BOO HOO!! Our Veterans go month on end without any privacy in combat situations away from their homes and families. I’m suppose to feel sorry for you because you get have a STAFF!!! Personal time for combat Veterans meant a few extra minutes in a 200 degree porta potty.

Oh and you ask for money… The average pay of a combat Veterans is a about 1/5 of a Congressman or Senators pay. And Congress wants to cut their pay and benefits…
Mr. Cruz.. you have not a single clue what Sacrifice is!!! How dare you come to the military community and claim you do.
Angelia Phillips
Gold Star Mother



After last night’s debate, I immediately asked my campaign to get you this email.
I need to ask you for a very important personal favor — a personal sacrifice.
And I need to hear back from you before 10pm tomorrow night?
I wouldn’t ask you this favor if I wasn’t willing to make deep sacrifices myself.
Please let me briefly explain: running for President of the United States is a significant sacrifice. Only through prayer and many late night discussions with my wife, family, and closest friends did I make the decision.
It’s a decision I do not take lightly, and I need to share something with you…
The sacrifices for our campaign are steep, but I’m proud to be making them:
>>> There are constant incoming attacks — as you have probably have seen this morning after the debate: The liberal media, Hillary Clinton and her allies and even some Republicans have decided the best way to campaign is to tear me down in the process. I face a constant barrage of political and personal attacks daily.

>>> Health and sleep are limited: My runoff campaign for the Senate in 2012 took a toll, but now I’m sacrificing even more sleep with long nights and constant travel. And the fast food diet is a staple on the campaign trail.

>>> Personal time is not possible: You think of this the least, but as a candidate, my days are no longer my own. Days start before dawn and many times don’t end until early the next morning. There is almost no personal time when you run for president.

******, let me be clear. I’m choosing to make these sacrifices.
I’m choosing to make them because as I said last night — I believe we live in a time that, if good people who love freedom and liberty don’t stand up and make selfless sacrifices, we will lose the very freedom and liberty we all cherish as Americans.
This campaign is a sacrifice of not just my life, but also my wife and daughter’s lives.
I think you will agree with me that, though steep, this sacrifice is well worth it.
So, today I’m asking you to make a sacrifice with me, *****.
Will you join me by making a special, sacrificial gift to my campaign?
I’ve asked my staff to put together these secure links below so you can make an instant and secure sacrificial gift — it can be done in just five minutes or less:
I wouldn’t ask you if 1) I wasn’t willing to make the same sacrifice myself; and 2) the stakes weren’t so high.
*****, time is critical, and we need to hear back from you by 10pm Friday (tomorrow) night — Heidi and I would be so grateful.
For liberty,
Ted Cruz
P.S. ******, I’ve chosen to make sacrifices in our fight to restore America. Will you join me with your gift of $250 or $100? OR if $35 or $10 is a stretch gift for you, Heidi and I will be grateful for every dollar you can sacrifice and will ensure it is faithfully used. Please let me hear from you before tomorrow at 10pm.

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