Inspired: How Noah Galloway Helped Me Remove My Mask.

Over the course of my life many people have taught me lessons and inspired me. I have known who Noah Galloway is for years but for the past few weeks I have been watching him on Dancing With the Stars. This weeks performance shares his story and courage. He also speaks words that were a emotional kick in the ass to me. While I go to work and spend time with my family and for all appearances “live” the truth is I have spent nearly 7 years since losing my son spending far too much time sitting alone drinking trying to cope by myself.

A few days ago I decided to remove the mask I wear and truly deal with my grief. And while I haven’t lost a limb I have lost a huge part of me. I need to be healthier both physically and mentally. And I owe Noah Galloway a thank you for the slap in the face his words have given me. Yes I have my family and they are with me and there for me but there is a part of me I hide even from them because they too are hurting and I feel so much guilt about adding to their burden so I hide as much of my pain from them as I can. And in the process have failed them in many ways. But it’s time to be here 100% for them and set the wine glass in the cabinet and the computer I hide behind aside and engage them fully. I owe them and myself that.


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