DO NOT GO TO SYRIA Under Any Circumstance

I have heard many of my “combat sons” talking about wanting to go back to the fight. A few have even asked if I knew anyone who could help them go fight the terrorist in Syria and elsewhere. This was posted by a man who knows his stuff, he is the real deal on this topic, but has asked to remain anonymous. (Yes I got his permission to share this.) If you are considering spending the money to go to the Middle East and joining the fight against ISIS and others please read this and then just don’t go! I understand the numerous reasons why you want to go but Yeah Just Don’t.

Syrian children

Trying to find the right way to say this on my main page but this is applicable to a disturbing amount of people. DO NOT GO TO SYRIA under any circumstance.

Ok so I get alot of messages from really good guys, US and NATO combat vets, who hate ISIS and they are more than righteous people yet Syria and the YPG is not the answer. I cannot get into super fine details I’ll just say this and shop around to make up your own mind, under no circumstances should you desire to support the YPG there is just too much shit you cant control.

First off, you will enter a legal gray area that no judgement has been ruled on. It could go either way, at the end of the day there is no authority in any Government, especially ours, who has signed anything on paper saying its specifically NOT a “terrorist organization”. This is particularly important if you wish to remain a Citizen of the United States of America. There is no safety net, no catch, no way to get you out really even if you piss off the wrong people. Its just once you cross that LOD you are 100%, brutally, on your fucking own, which some have done before in small elements yet there is no one to call to QRF, you are a fucking meat puppet for whatever purpose they want to use you for which brings me up to my next point….

Do not expect to see ANY fighting, the YPG has murky intentions for its limited number of expats, currently under 30 in total force. Almost none have experienced any direct combat, obviously some have but these Men (and a few chicks) are not in leadership positions nor are they bringing the pain to Daesh, they are well removed from the front or occupied areas mostly used for photo opportunities and they are being pimped out for interviews for fucking propaganda purposes. Regarding YPG security, who the fuck knows who “that guy” is in it, turns out the vast majority of them (YPG) are “That Guy”, the proverbial. Cant and wont say they are bad dudes they are just “who dude?” You do not know who you are smiling in a video with….Gods know in this spit of Earth loyalties last as long as the money keeps flowing so beware the pull of noble cause.

All the above said, legally, right now, you may travel/express intention to join, make contact, and actually do it. Be prepared to get detained by the Feds upon your return, debriefed, then monitored, do not expect to ever get a security clearance again, or be able to do any G or Mil work or fucking anything local/state LE at all. Essentially all you will have is a good bar room story to tell a bunch of drunk people who 1.) Dont even know what the fuck you are talking about and 2.) Dont care and probably think you are lying, with suits maybe watching you and a litany of corpulent fuckery in tow, plus all you did was spend up to $10G to sit and eat hummus 30KM from the fighting and get treated like a trophy wife for foreign, sackless fucking POG’s.
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  1. A Soldier's Mother April 23, 2015 at 4:07 pm #

    I agree – do NOT go to Syria. You have to understand that even if you go, you won’t be loved there. The opposite. You will become a target. As much as ISIS hates this group or that, they hate you more. As much as the enemies of ISIS hates ISIS, they hate you more.

    The other comment I’ll add is that the problems you’ll have in the US after you return are nothing because the chance of you returning are small. Unless you can blend in a culture where people are completely different from you, speak a different language, etc….you do NOT want to go to Syria.

    The rules of engagement don’t apply in Syria. Nothing does. Please do not go…

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