I Grieve For Him And Them

I has been 6 years since my son lost his life in Iraq. What people may not realize is I have four children.. they all make me proud in their own ways and I love them all without exception.

On Feb. 24th 2008 my oldest son, Micheal, lost his life. And I know most people think my grief and pain is all about Micheal’s death but it’s also about the my son David and the look of shear loss and hurt on his face which haunts me. He lost his brother and best friend in one horrific moment. And my daughter Barbara whose cry of NO haunts me daily. The confusion of my son Anthony when we tried to explain why his big brother wouldn’t be coming home to take him to get an Icee was heartbreaking and still is to this day. It’s about the pain and anguish my husband lived that day and every day since.

We all miss and love Micheal. And that moment when those words were spoken, those ugly words “I regret to inform you…” Not only was a life lost but so many other lives were broken.


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