St. Patrick’s Day 2007 “Hello Mother”

Most holidays without Micheal make me kind of sad and depressed. But for some reason my memories of his last St. Patrick’s Day make me smile. I so often share about the pain of this grief I thought for a change I would share this smile…

It was about 9pm on St. Patrick’s day when I snapped a picture on my phone of my youngest and the dog sleeping together on the couch. Micheal adored his baby brother so I sent it to him. A short time later he called and left a voicemail (that I would give my right arm to have still. I saved it but when I lost that phone it was gone) Anyway the call went something like this:

“Hello Mother, (long pause) I would like to thank you (pause) for the picture (pause) of Anthony and and and the dog.”

He had obviously been trying to recall the dog we had had for 8 yrs name.

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I am drinking (pause) A LOT Cause I’m Irish.” Followed by giggling.

Now every St. Patrick’s Day I think of that call and know he was with friends having a wonderful silly time and I can smile because I know he experienced joy in this life with his friends.


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