Another Year Has Passed Without You


My Dear Son,

Micheal it has been 5 yrs since you were taken from us. Every year gets a little harder because we have learned to anticipate the days that we are hardest hit by emotions and because we have marked more milestones of life that you are not here to share.

Yesterday marked 5 years since I missed your phone call and that feeling of something very bad coming began. Today I remember Conrad Alvarez, Albert Bitton and Micheal B. Matlock, Jr. We lost them 5 years ago today. They were your friends and you grieved for them but yet you were stoic and knew you had to put that grief aside till it would not affect the mission.

Tomorrow I will be at the blood drive that has become an annual event to honor and remember you. There is something very right about giving the gift of life to honor you. And Friday I will remember our finally phone call. Looking back I know now I was so blessed to have that hour talking to you. And I think we both knew something very bad was coming but neither of us would speak it out loud.

Sunday we will drink a beer to you. We will sit and remember the man you were and how many lives you touched and and still do.

I wish you were here to spoil your nephew. Oh how he would have wrapped you around his little finger is a matter of seconds. You would be so proud of the father your brother has become. I wish you were to tease your sister about dating a navy guy… even though I know you would completely approve of him and how he treats your sister. and well you would teach Anthony bad things that only an older brother can. And should. He still laughs about how you two got yelled at for running in the mall that day.

You are missed… you are loved.
Give me strength son.

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