“Me Time”; Finding A Balance

Was speaking to a friend and was asked “Don’t you get any “me time”? And the truth is not really. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and the time I spend with them but there is something to be said for solitude and the balance you can find in it.

The problem is too much “me time” leads to over thinking things or walking down memory lane and that can lead to a painful place. At least for me. Not enough “me time” leads to being short in patience and distracts from the time I spend with my family. So the key is to find balance and something to fill that time with positive activities. Or am I selfish for wanting a couple hours a week or month to myself?

This is the great debate I am having with myself. I know that taking a couple hours on occasion for myself makes me less stressed and actually feel more stable. I don’t get to that dark place as often. Which is healthy not only for me but for my family. But then there is that my husband and I are currently working opposite shifts and that would mean for me to take a couple hours in the morning I am missing out on precious time with him and for me to take time in the evening I would be leaving my son alone. Which is not something I like to do.

So here I am.. writing an almost whiny blog about “me time” and knowing it is just not in the schedule. And I smile… because in the end I am grateful I have a family that needs me.

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