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If you can look up, you can get up.

People often tell me I am strong and they don’t understand how I “do it” How can I be weak when there are men like these being so strong? How can I allow the enemy to destroy my spirit if these men have not allowed theirs to be destroyed? These men are my son’s “combat […]

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“Me Time”; Finding A Balance

Was speaking to a friend and was asked “Don’t you get any “me time”? And the truth is not really. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and the time I spend with them but there is something to be said for solitude and the balance you can find in it. The problem is […]

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Beginning a New Year: 2013

For many people New Years Day is a day to start fresh. A chance to begin working towards new goals or write a next chapter in their lives. In many ways it is for me also but it’s also a reminder that we are facing one more year with out our Micheal. That we are […]

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