Let’s Bring SPC. Ryan Campbell Home For Christmas

Via my Awesome Military Supportive Friend Mowhawk Man!!

Tonight I was hit with the most important request of the Christmas Season and I need “YOUR” help!!! You see the Mother of SPC. Ryan Campbell who is a saw gunner with 1/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 3-21 Infantry, A Company 2nd platoon. He hasn’t been home for Christmas in four long years as he serves in the United States Army. He deployed to Afghanistan on April 25, 2011 and returned home on April 12, 2012. While deployed 1/25th SBCT, 3-21 Infantry “LOST 6 BROTHERS” in combat, many others were injured. Also while deployed Ryan’s Grandfather suffered several strokes and as a result was placed on life support. Ryan was able to fly home and spend a few days with his grandfather before he was taken off of life support and passed away. The “day” after we buried him he flew back to Afghanistan to finish his tour. Also while deployed his step father was diagnosed with leukemia and is currently hospitalized again for treatment after discovering that he now has a tumor!!! September 14th one of his Grandmothers passed away and he was NOT able to be home for that. At the beginning of the November 2012 his best friend (since the age of 3) was tragically killed, he was NOT able to make it home for the funeral and is still “deeply” affected by this!!!!! His cousin was just taken off of life support and died as a result of being hit by a car when she stopped to HELP someone who was involved in a car accident!!!!!!! His aunt is currently in hospice as a result of cancer and is not expected to be with us much longer and these are just some of what Ryan has had to deal with!!! He has been through hell this year alone. If he does not make it home for Christmas this year, it will be the 4th year in a row that there will be an empty chair and many empty hearts!!!!! Last year the family actually cancelled their family Christmas because of his absence. This is Ryan and his families ONLY wish for Christmas! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE APART OF AN AMERICAN CHRISTMAS MIRACLE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME SO WE CAN GET RIGHT TO WORK. He is stationed in fort wainwright Alaska and is trying to make it home to Battle Creek Michigan. The cost of a round trip ticket is about $2700.00!!!!! Yep the price you pay for serving the country!!! Let’s show Ryan and others who are serving that they mean something to us and bring this young man home. I have met Ryan once in the past when his Grandpa died and can tell you he LOVES YOU & AMERICA!!! I was so impressed with this young man I even gave him my Mowhawk boots when I met him, and he wore them why he finished his tour in Afghanistan. I got to tell you to serve your country, watch your brothers die, not be able to tell loved ones good by before they die, and then miss “4” Christmas without your family, is NOT acceptable. Contact me and lets get Ryan HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!


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