Media Violates OPSEC, Taliban Issues Threat To Kill Or Kidnap Prince Harry

I am a fan of Prince Harry’s. Not because he is Royalty but because he has the substance to step up and do a job most won’t, serve in the military. Now Price Harry could very easily take a cushy job that kept him close to home but twice now he has chosen to walk the walk and deploy. I respect him for that beyond words.

His first deployment was cut short because the media violated OPSECs and revealed his location making him a target thus endangering those he served with. And once again the Media is violating OPSECs not only putting Prince Harry in the cross hairs making him a prime target but also making an already dangerous job even more dangerous for those he serves with. Do the media not get it? NATO troops are on OUR side!! Blabbering about where our troops are located and what they are doing is DANGEROUS!! Especially when you put up a man who any moron knows the Taliban will more heaven and earth to get to.

Prince Harry, Or should I say Captain Wales… TAKE LUCK. I have asked my son to watch over you and your men. Thank you for your service.

And to those in the media who just HAD to make sure this story got out.. You are ungrateful bastards making the job the troops do even harder. Maybe you should read up on OPSEC


What is OPSEC?
“Operations security (OPSEC) is an analytic process used to deny an adversary information – generally unclassified – concerning friendly intentions and capabilities by identifying, controlling, and protecting indicators associated with planning processes or operations. OPSEC does not replace other security disciplines – it supplements them.” (Wikipedia)

OPSEC is simply denying an adversary information that could harm you or benefit them. Another form of OPSEC, although not as widely accepted, is the intentional mis-information of an adversary, designed to protect your true secrets.

OPSEC is a process, but it is also a mindset. By educating oneself on OPSEC risks and methodologies, protecting sensitive information becomes second nature.

OPSEC is unique as a discipline, because it is understood that the OPSEC manager must make certain decisions when implementing OPSEC measures. Most of these measures will involve a certain expenditure of resources, so an estimate must be made as to whether the assumed gain in secrecy is worth the cost in those resources. If the decision is made not to implement a measure, then the organization assumes a certain risk. This is why OPSEC managers or Commanders must be educated and aware of the OPSEC process.

OPSEC is not only for Military or Government entities. More individuals and Corporations are realizing the importance of protecting trade secrets, personal security and intentions. Whatever the organization and purpose, OPSEC can, and will, increase the overall security posture.
We are in a world increasingly dependent on information. In this world, pieces of information (internet postings, work schedules, phone directories and more) may be assembled in order to form the “big picture” of an organization or operation.

Your adversaries in a military or business sense practice OPSEC to varying degrees, and it would be unwise to discount the capabilities of your adversary. Your adversary will constantly probe your organization, so the importance of a solid understanding of OPSEC cannot be understated.
What are OPSEC indicators?
An indicator is a “piece of the puzzle”. In other words, an indicator is any piece of information that can be exploited to gain further information, or be combined with other indicators to build a more complete profile of your operations.

For example, an OPSEC indicator could be when you go to work, what you do at work, large group or troop movements or financial transactions such as life insurance appointments. Before releasing information, consider the potential value to your adversaries.
What are the capabilities of your adversary?
The unfortunate fact is that you don’t know. Your adversary may have internal spies, skilled photographers or any other manner of resources at their disposal. You may never be able to determine the full capability of your adversary, so you can only protect your information on your end.

Story from

The Taliban have issued an open death threat to Prince Harry, as the helicopter pilot begins serving in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is in Afghanistan on a four-month tour, based at Camp Bastion in the volatile Helmand province, where he will be on the front line in the NATO-led war against Taliban insurgents.

“We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a new agency by telephone.

“We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him,” Mujahid added, declining to go into detail on what he dubbed the “Harry operations”.

The Ministry of Defence declined to comment on Mujahid’s statement, and have given few details of Prince Harry’s stint in Afghanistan for security reasons.

The 27-year-old prince, who is third in line to the throne, took up his new role two weeks after being photographed frolicking naked in Las Vegas.

Known in the military as Captain Wales, he first served in Afghanistan in 2008 as an on-the-ground air controller, but his tour was cut short when a news blackout designed to protect him while he was on the front line collapsed.

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