Happy Birthday Pokey

Ok this is a little late but it’s been a heck of a few days….

Thursday May 17th was Micheal’s 24th Birthday. For some reason this year it was a more emotional day than it has been in the past. Maybe because his sister is fixing the graduate and he was suppose to be home that year for his brothers graduation. Maybe because we have a new family member, my grandson. Or maybe the missing him has just gotten to be so hard over the years and we have use these days to release some of the pent up emotions.


After I got off work Thursday I went down to a local sports bar Micheal would have liked and got permission to place a beer and a note on the bar for the evening.


I then came home and went through the normal daily routines of making dinner and picking up the house. Those mundane day to day things that keep us sane.

When I finished the chores I decided I should check and see if the bill to name the post office for Micheal had been signed by the President yet. And it had… So now the local post office is legally the “Micheal E. Phillips Memorial Post Office”. It took a lot of effort on the part of Congressmen Cole’s staff and some time but they made it happen for Micheal. Next week is Memorial day and possibly the signing of the Highway naming bill for Micheal.

Then to top off the week two “combat sons” have found me and reached out to us. One I never knew about and one I have been waiting a long time for him to be ready to say hello. So glad they did.

May has over been an overwhelming month and very difficult for us. With Mother’s Day, Micheal’s Birthday, Memorial Day…. maybe Micheal is timing all this to make the month a little more positive and easy to get through.

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