Mother’s Day….


Early on a wise lady warned me about Mother’s Day. She had lost her son to a drunk driver. Her husband had handed me the folded flag and said the words “On behalf of a Grateful Nation” with tears in his eyes. So the first Mother’s day without Micheal I was sort of prepared, if that is possible. I had put up a huge emotional wall and tried my best to not think about what the day was.

This is my 5th Mother’s Day without Micheal. I came home from work to a dozen peach colored roses, chocolates and the excited news that my daughter was going to make my favorite dinner. ( She did pretty darn good too) As I sit here reading Mother’s day wishes from men who served with my son or whom I have met my being “Momma Ang the Combat Mom” I miss Micheal… I miss his “HELLO MOTHER” but I also know I am very blessed.

Micheal sent me a short sunny rain shower this year. I got off work and had just changed into comfy clothes when my youngest came and told me. “It’s raining for you Mom” I think he knows when the rain and storms are from Micheal too. I know that sounds odd but sometimes we just know the storm is Micheal saying “Hello” Like that day our Grandson was born… As soon as we were told he had arrived the thunder started and we all knew Micheal was celebrating with us.

I have wonderful kids.. all four of them make me proud. My son David is married and a great father. For a young man who had no desire to be a Dad he sure has taken to the role.
My daughter Barbara is preparing to go off to college in a few short months. No longer a little girl but a beautiful young lady. And my Anthony… as tall as me now and striving to reach the goals that are so simple for most of us.

It would be so easy to focus on what I don’t have and miss out on what I do.

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