Farewell Spc. Jordan Morris… We Will Not Forget You


This morning we left bright and early to make the 3 hour drive to Stillwater, OK to pay our respects to Spc. Jordan Morris I will admit this was fear on my part about going. I had not attended a funeral since Micheal’s let alone a Military funeral.

About 45 minutes down the road a van got into our “blind spot” on the freeway and just seem to stay there for the longest time. When they did pass the gentleman in passenger seat gave us a double thumbs up then a gesture of Thank you as he pointed to the back of our car. We have a Memorial sticker remembering Micheal on my car so I took that gesture of support as a good sign… some people do care and I could do this.

We finally made it to Stillwater and found the High school where the service were to be held and just down the street the PGR staging area. We stopped at the staging area and meet up with a few people who we know and meet some facebook friends for the first time. We then decided it would be best to stand with those who had come out in quiet support rather than attend the actual service. And that is what we did.

jordanflag line

Once at the flag line was in place we approached a young Army specialist and asked him to pass on a card of condolence and support to the family which he reassured us he would be honored to do. He recognized the small gold star pin I wore and hugged me. We spoke with him for a few minutes and then we went and stood with the many others in quiet respectful support.

Tonight a family is holding each other close and trying to face tomorrow without the one piece of their heart who was laid to rest today. In the days, weeks, months and yes even years to come I hope Jordan’s family will come to find the support we have. The blessings of Jordan’s Brothers in Arms. And the knowledge that leaning is not weakness but sharing strength. And I hope others will understand that this will not heal for them.. but their journey will be made easier with understanding and not expectations.

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