Heroes Down…


I read the facebook status of one of my combat sons last night and knew there would be bad news this morning. I never imagined how bad. He expressed his anger but like the honorable soldier he is never broke opsecs. I read the headline first thing this morning and my heart shattered. I knew that 31 families would receive that horrible knock this day.

There is a part of me that wants to go to these families..hold their hands and protect them from the pain that no one can protect them from. I know there is no true comfort to be given at this point. But yet I want to try.

I want to know the names and the stories of these men’s lives. Somehow the words Honor, love and hero seems to sums them all up…. There is more to each of them but they all held those qualities. That is just a given.

So as I sat on the porch looking at the moon, “talking” to my own son an imagine came into my head.. My son and the sons and daughters of many of my Gold Star friends shaking the hands of those who lost their lives today.. Welcoming them “Home” on the other side of the veil. And for just one second each of the 31 looked back… and then they join their brothers and sisters. Complete and at peace.

And then I read the interwebs… and my ire is raised. People have forgotten that our military is made up of REAL PEOPLE. We should honor these men and women… they are the most honorable and selfless among us. They are not political props or pawns to be used to bash you political opponent. Their deaths should not be used to create conspiracy theories. These were men.. who loved and laughed and cried and gave all so that we may live free and in safety. Respect them… respect their families. They did not die in vain.. they died for what they believed in, Freedom and liberty.

Take Luck to those who gave all today. I promise to honor you in the only way I know how.. by continuing to support your brothers and sisters in arms and taking care of your families as best I can. Thank you…

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  1. Mickey August 15, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Thank you Angelia, You said it so well. I hold your hand also.

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