Words I Have Waited For “Usama Bin Laden Is Dead” Now Show Me The Pictures


“Usama Bin Laden is dead”… like Most Americans I have waited years to hear those words. And as unpolitically correct as it is they were sweet words to my ears. Yes I was joyous when I heard them. Maybe more so that most. The month of May has always been a difficult month for me. It holds many reminds of my own son’s death in the war Usama brought to us. Mother’s day, His birthday, Memorial day… so to start this most difficult month off with the death of the man I know was the master mind of the attack that lead to my son’s decision to join the military and go and fight against an enemy that cult like followed this terrorist brought me joy and comfort.

My first motherly instinct was to “go all Mussolini” on the body. I wanted it laid out and gloated over. I would quickly learn that not only was the body disposed of it was given a properly burial at sea. Which is more than those bastards have done for the few of our men they have captured. My thoughts went to Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca and the abuse of their bodies at the hands of Usama’s minions. But I was willing to settle for the pictures of Usama lifeless bullet ridden body.. and now I am, all the families of 9/11 and of those who have Fallen in this war, will also be robbed of even that satisfaction.

Pres. Obama fears a backlash if the pictures of this terrorist cult leader are shown (like they need an excuse because we know how kind and cheery they are daily.) but somehow did not fear backlash of so called “prisoner abuse” pictures ( some proven to be photoshopped) back in 2009 .. nor did he object to the AP publishing pictures of Joshua Bernard as he lay dying on the battle field even over the agonized pleas of Joshua’s family that they not be published. And let’s not forget Pres. Obama felt it was so very important to allow photographers at Dover AFB when our own Fallen come home.

I wonder if Pres. Obama comprehends the morale boost those photos would be to our hard worn troops serving. I wonder if he understands the symbolic and psychological affect it would have on the enemy it would have to see their untouchable “leader” dead. The only thing more powerful than a living cult terrorist leader is one who disappears with many unanswered questions. How many Muslims would lay down their guns and say we feared him but no longer? More than you would think actually. Yes there is an element in the Arab world that would be outraged and lash out.. a death rattle of a snake who’s head was cut off.

I’ve also noted the delay in reactions among the Arab world. It was as if they were holding their breath waiting for the proof to decide how to react. Would it be: He’s dead.. There is proof we can be done with his rein or No proof we better not risk it.

Pres. Obama owes me nothing personally.. but I feel he owes this nation more than a mere statement. We earned the right to gloat. And some families, more than others, have earned the right to frame the photos of Usama’s body and spit on it daily.

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  1. Bob Elliott May 11, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    Thanks so much for your message about Bin Laden’s death. I am not one to jump up and down with joy, or go out in public to celebrate. I am very much relieved, and feel somewhat satisfied, that a horrible person is now dead. But I also feel that something is missing. And I believe you put your finger right on that reason. I have made a personal decision, not to buckle to anybody any more unless I have done something wrong. It’s kind of like getting kicked in the head constantly, and finally lashing out at that person doing the kicking, and having to apologize, or be censured, for reacting to abuse, ridicule, or physical attack. No more. Unless I do something wrong, no more buckling under. I will stand my ground. And so should the people of our nation, and the world, who have been impacted by the actions of Bin Laden. Show us some proof, that what happened actually happened. And some of us can get some form of satisfaction. Some proof that this actually happened. Terrorism has not ended. That is a long way off. But why be concerned about the feelings of terrorists who will attack us regardless of what is done, or shown. A proper burial at sea just shows that we are more compassionate than terrorist. I see that is a good thing. But you are right!!! “Show Us The Pictures”.

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