Pokey and the Packers…

Sitting here watching the Green Bay Packers play I can’t help but think about Micheal.  The last night we spent with Micheal we watched the Packers play.  Oct.7th 2007 They played the Bears.. I can’t remember who won.  I just remember he and his Dad and his brothers in my dad’s living room on the edge of the couch watching the game.

Many months later his team Leader Sgt W would tell me that during playoff in Jan. 08 he was up in the middle of the night alone watching TV..

“Hey Phillips, why aren’t you sleeping?”

“It’s the Packers”

As if that explained everything.

I laughed when the story was told me.  I can see him alone in the TV room at the FOB in Iraq watching the playoff game.. yelling at the play. Micheal was such a huge Packer fan.  I guess that comes from the years of living in Green Bay just a few blocks from Lambeau field. And I am sure watching them play was a connection to home for him.

Honestly there is not much in life that doesn’t in some way bring back a memory or remind me of Micheal but certain things really open the flood gates of emotions and make the emptiness and missing him palatable. Most of the time I can watch the Packers and be ok. Tonight however I miss Micheal very much.  I wish he was here with me yelling at the TV and cheering the Packers on.

In an odd way watching the Packers play is a small connection to Micheal no one can ever take from me. Someday I will go back to Green Bay and watch the Packers play live.  Not sure how but when I do I will find a way to honor Micheal and leave his mark on Lambeau field.

Go Pack Go.


It just occurred to me.. I am going to ask the Packers to all wear a rubberband on their wrist in memory of Pokey and all his Fallen brothers during one game this season.

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  1. Dyanna McElwee Vanatta August 26, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    I don’t know what I was going to say….just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading these stories of your memories….We should always hold on tightly to our memories

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