Trip To the Air Show and Down Memory Lane

Yesterday we loaded up and drove a few hours to the Altus OK air show. It has been years since I went to an air show and I was looking forward to it. Not so much for the aircrafts but from the demonstrations they put on.

Now the day started off with me running into one of my good friends in Army recruiting and getting big hugs so as you can imagine it was a good day. My youngest son had never been to an air show so he was very excited. He loved sitting in the cockpits and “pretending” to fly the different planes and helicopters. When the parachute demo started he didn’t take his eyes off the sky. The sheer joy and wonderment on his face reminded me of many years ago and the first time we took Micheal to an air show. The same look was on his face too.  I think that was when Micheal fell in love with airplanes. And like Micheal who was able to spot an airplane when it was nothing more than a dot in the sky Anthony was able to locate and point out the parachutist before most of us.

At one point the Thunderbirds Commander swore ina group of new Air Force recruits. It was very cool watching these young people make a commitment to this country and themselves. I was so proud of them all.

We met another young soldier from Ft Sill and I must say I was extremely impressed with how polite and together he was. He represented the Army in the best possible light a soldier could.  He and I chatted for a few minutes and I was thoroughly impressed.  I didn’t tell him about Pokey but in a small way this young man reminded me of my son. He was smiling the whole time and obviously proud of the work he was doing.  I tried to get a hold of his commander today and give him kudos.

The thunderbirds flew and amazed us all with their skills and as I stood and waited to get a commemorative book  I allowed myself to travel memories  lane… I let myself for the first time that day truly think about those days when Micheal was so very little not more than 2 or 3 and how  much he loved days like yesterday.  I got a little teary so I did not stay to have the men of the Thunderbird team sign my book.  Or tell them that a show put on by the team 19 years ago made one little boy love military aircraft and that love would lead to a love of history which would lead to a love of Country and a soldier being made…

I wonder where Anthony’s love of the parachutist will lead?

Altus air show 2010 031

( Tomorrow .. Kittehs..)

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