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Dear Pres. Bush….

I was not going to post this but decided maybe I should. It is a letter to Former Pres. George W Bush. Dear Pres. Bush, I’ve put off writing this letter for two years but two events this week have made me see that I truly need share my words.  One was walking into the […]

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Anti-war Protests…Next Time Just Slap me

It’s one thing to hear about or even see pictures and video of something, it’s something completely different to actually experience it.  I have read about anti war protest.. I’ve seen the videos and pictures. .. and yes they were upsetting. I have listened to others talk about their experiences at antiwar protest and thought […]

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Everything Happens For A Reason

There are things that happen that I know is Micheal just messing with me and then there are things that happen and I know there is a reason. And then sometimes the most unexpected things happen and I have to wonder how much of a hand Micheal has had in these events. And yet I […]

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A Gift…

Last time we went out to visit Micheal’s grave I noticed the 101st Airborne flag I had put there was becoming tattered and needed replaced. I asked the wife of one of the men who served with Micheal if she could pick one up at the Post museum gift shop for me and I would […]

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Opsecs people OPSECS!!!!

Opsecs people OPSECS!!!! … if you don’t know what those are and are in the military or love someone in the military it means Operational Security. It’s information our enemies would LOVE to have! This solider could have gotten his entire unit killed. Military personnel can’t always tell you where they are what they are […]

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