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One thing that has happened over the past 22 months is I have begun reading more and more milblogs. I have also gotten to know some of those who write them. One of the people who has touched my life is CJ Grisham who wrote A Soldier’s Perspective.  CJ recently has come under attack for […]

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Christmas Wreath Laying

A couple of days ago a friend of mine called from the local Chamber of Commerce to tell me the Daughters of the American Revolution were going to be laying a Christmas wreath at the memorial downtown and wanted to honor my son when they did so. My son is the last name to be […]

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An Old Soul…

While driving home from picking my daughter Bob up from wrestling practice we were discussing her Dad’s birthday gift.  I suggested we get him a birdbath for the front yard.  “Why does Dad like watching birds? Old people watch birds”  I laughed and said “Now wait a minute Micheal liked to watch birds. In fact […]

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An Empty Stocking

Everyone told us the “firsts” were the hardest. I disagree… I was still somewhat numb and in an emotional fog for the “firsts”.  Now I am fully feeling it all and well its harder in someways. And in others, well easier is not the right word, I guess I am just more prepared for things. […]

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