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Angel Flight

Just when I think I have heard it all seen it all experienced it all something will happen that brings it all back. It can be anything but my reaction is always the same. My breath catches in my throat, my heart literally skips a beat then aches and fight the tears back with all […]

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No Man Left Behind

We’ve all heard the military quote “No Man left behind” But it wasn’t until last weekend as I sat listening to a veteran Marine talking to an Army Sgt about how the Army helicopter pilot who saved him and many others in Vietnam by flying in a hot zone repeatedly to save men that it […]

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Veteran’s Day 2009

I have a blog I wrote on my lunch break I was going to post for Veteran’s Day but I read something today and will be posting it for Veteran’s Day instead because I feel it says it all so much better…. I will post the other blog later. Thank you to all you that […]

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