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Hearts and Minds. Whose First?

President Obama… this morning you went to welcome home 18 Fallen men. You watched as their flag draped caskets were walked solemnly from the plane. You saluted and I assume you looked into the eyes of their families. I hope you listened to their words.  I hope you asked about who these men were in […]

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Taking Care of Those Who Come Home

If you know me or have read my blogs at all you know that taking care of those who come home from war is my mission in life. It is my way of honoring my son and taking care of him through his brothers in arms.  To the right of this blog you will see […]

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Ranger Tabs

Micheal’s best friend in his unit was Fagan. I remember the first time he told me about Fagan. I asked ” Like the Dicken’s character?” and got a “Yeah whatever” These two were soooo much alike. Both artist, both loved history, both were cut ups. In fact they were partners in crime when it came […]

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ATC and the Fallen Comrades Table….

In September of 2005 when Pokey joined the Army as a delayed entry recruit I adopted the recruiters here in town. They were just such a nice group of guys how could I not.  I would bake them cookies and monkey breads and go visit. Monkey Bread became an office favorite.  Sgt S  would drool […]

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Of All the Stupid Things to Say…

Recently a young friend of mine lost someone he loved very much. His 5 yr old cousin… Someone made the statement to him “I know how you feel my goldfish died this morning” He was incredulous. So was I but I was not surprised. I heard many stupid things following Micheal’s death. I sometimes wonder […]

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Dog Tags

As I sit here and listen to “Winter” by Bayside I realize that everytime I hear it I look at the dogtags hanging on the wall above the table with Pokey’s things.  We seat aside a corner in the livingroom for Pokey.. The flag the General handed to me at the funeral is there.. along […]

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URGENT!! Taking Care of His Brothers…

I’ve said for almost two year now that the best why you can honor my son and other fallen heroes is to take care of his brothers in arms. Well here is your chance to do more than give lips service to your support of our troops. This is from KneeDeep’s blog. She is a […]

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Then He Smiled At Me

A few weeks ago I found an entry on Micheal’s legacy website.  It read Mike, It’s been the greatest honor of my Military career to have met you. I only wish I would have had the chance before pulling you out on 24FEB08. I will always honor you as a hero! Love, 2LT John D. […]

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10 Knocks

This morning 10 families received knocks on their doors and two men in Class A uniforms faced them. The phrase every military family dreads was spoken ” We regret to inform you…” 10 hearts have stopped beating, 10 lives have ended far too soon. 10 families worlds have come to a halt, their hearts have […]

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Take Luck

A lot of families have that special phrase or word that just says it all. It’s almost like a code for I love you, be safe, I miss you, be careful all in one little word or phrase… for me and Pokey that phrase was “take luck”. We had been listening to a Brian Regan […]

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