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"Soulless Muslim Bastards"

** WARNING** this blog entry may offend you. But I believe we don’t have the right to not be offended, so if it does too bad. During his time in Iraq, Micheal often referred to the enemy as “soulless muslim bastards” . At the time it bothered me. I had always felt that as humans […]

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Mr. Falvey

This morning I had to drive up to the high school and pick up my sick daughter. At the stop light I looked my rear view mirror and saw that the Vice Principal Mr. Falvey. We both parked and got out of our cars at the same time. He then said to me ” Are […]

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Pokey’s Poker Run

Bright and early Saturday morning we went to the local VFW where the local National Guard dawgs were holding sign ups and starting the poker run being held in the memory of our son. After a week of rain we were glad to see the sun shining. I took the 3 large pictures of Micheal […]

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New Look

One of my readers mentioned they have trouble reading the pink/red tints so I changed it. Full write up on the Poker Run tomorrow.. tonight I am exhausted. Ang..

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More Abuse of Military Families

It was a nasty evil thing to do back during the Vietnam war. People would call families claiming to be the military and tell their son had been killed and the family would later find it was a lie. Mental and emotional abuse and torture of the worse kind. Well what once was old is […]

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Spc. Micheal "Pokey" Phillips Memorial Poker Run

Next Saturday, Sept. 19th 2009, is the Spc Micheal “Pokey” Phillips Memorial Poker run. Sponsored by the local Guard Dog organization. This organization is made up of National guardsmen who have served and still do. The proceeds will be going to the Wounded Warriors Project. We were approached by these wonderful people a few months […]

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It’s Coming Home.

few days ago I wrote of a man who had left a message on my son’s legacy page. Well I was wrong about him being the 4th man.. turns out he is the man who pulled my son from the vehicle.. but that will be another blog. Today I need to write about the plaque […]

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The 4th Man

I found this post this morning on one of the many memorial pages for Micheal: Mike, It’s been the greatest honor of my Military career to have met you. I only wish I would have had the chance before pulling you out on 24FEB08. I will always honor you as a hero! It was signed […]

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Abuse by the Media

Yesterday evening I was told about L/Cpl Joshua Bernad. I had read his name in the DoD releases and knew he had been killed fighting in Afghanistan. I did not know that the AP wire service had made a decision to release pictures of this young man after he had been injured. The family begged […]

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