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I’m Depressed

I have always believed that admitting a problem is the first step in overcoming it. So I am admitting I suffer from depression.Some of the symptoms of depression are: Loss of interest in normal daily activities Feeling sad or down Feeling hopeless Crying spells for no apparent reason Problems sleeping Trouble focusing or concentrating Difficulty […]

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Flowers and Pinwheels

It’s been bugging me for a while. The flowers on Micheal’s grave were in need of replacing. I don’t go out there as often as maybe I should. It’s very hard for me to go. But then it’s hard for me not to go. I want to visit Micheal at his barracks room not his […]

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Over Dramatic?

My daughter thinks I am being over dramatic… I just read and signed her World History class syllabus. Unit 2 is ” The World of Islam”. I have a problem with this. My first and largest concern is the teacher who is teaching this class is a liberal hippie anti-war problem. She was often corrected […]

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The last family get together before Pokey deployed was at my Dad’s house. We all had a great time. We spent 4 days hanging out and generally doing family things like BBQing, celebrating birthdays, roasting marshmallows and on Sunday afternoon we watched football. The Packer game to be specific. A love of football is something […]

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The Report Came ( follow up)

Well Thursday morning I received a phone call from the Sargent who was suppose to deliver the report. He was not going to be able to make it until Friday due to a family emergency. Trust me for us family always comes first so this was in no way a problem. When I realized this […]

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Instant Messages

I’ve kept ever single instant message conversation I had with my son while he was in Iraq. I knew when something bad had happened because the first thing he would ask is ” What is everyone doing?” Sort of a roll call making sure we all were doing exactly what we were suppose to be […]

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Psychic Readings..

Some people believe in psychics and some don’t. Rarely is there a in between view on the topic. Well I have always believed that the veil between life and life after death is very thin. And I believe that those who pass reach out to us when we need them. The day Pokey came home […]

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To Read or Not To Read

Tomorrow I will finally receive the AK 15-6 incident report detailing the day my son was killed. I requested it 18 months ago. The first copy was lost before it got to me. When things like this are delayed I have always found that the information comes to me when I am ready or need […]

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Two Flags for Pokey.

For most Americans when they see the flag they think of the US and all it stands for. For some seeing it reminds them of all the men and women who fought to make and keep this nation what it is. I suppose the same is true for all nations people when they view their […]

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