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Remember How He Lived

So often over the past month people have dwelled on how Pokey died. Yes he died in combat serving this country. But in doing so they have forgotten how he lived. Those who knew Pokey have only to take the time to remember who he was. His smile, his laughter, his bizarre sense of humor. […]

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Memorial Day

To far too many Americans Memorial day means a long weekend, BBQs, sales and lazy fun days with the family. Somewhere along the line we forget the reasons we can have all those things. We forget to stop one for just one day and do what we should do every day…. Remember those who laid […]

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Happy Birthday Pokey……

May 17th 1988 at about 3 am Micheal Eugene Phillips was born… he looked exactly like his father. He was promptly dubbed ‘Pete” by his Grandma Barb. He would remain “Pete” until he was 3 yrs old. He came into the world quietly. He didn’t cry, he just wanted to sleep. His quietness would not […]

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May is probably the hardest month of the year for me. most people think it would be February the month we lost Micheal but May holds so many reminders for me that is it like a constant scratching at the scars. And I know I am truly not myself during May. With Mother’s day, armed […]

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Mother’s Day

This is the second Mother’s day I will face without Micheal. I was warned by a very kind and loving woman last year how hard it would be. She too had lost her son but to a drunk driver. So last year I was prepared. I suppose I am again this year. Last year, a […]

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