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Just talk to me….

I was asked to write an article on how to interact with Gold Star families. My first thought was just talk to them! So often people are so afraid to say the wrong thing or have no idea what to say they say nothing at all. That hurts worse than the poorly worded phrases we […]

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A mission to focus on…..

Had no choice but to go shopping today. Just picked up a couple of things because I still avoid Wal-mart on Sundays as much as possible. It just takes me back…. Anyway I ran into the only other gold star mom in town. Her son-in-law was killed in al Anbar 3 years ago. She asked […]

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Finding a Smile Again

So here I am a little over a year since the knock on the door and my world fell apart. Some days I have learned to smile and even laugh again. Not as completely as I once did but still they smiles come now. And sometimes they come with guilt. Two very wise men have […]

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When Life Prepares You

Every once in awhile something takes me back to something I heard or read years ago and I almost wonder if it was to prepare me for what I face today. I know everything is a lesson and makes us who we are and therefore prepares us for this moment. But certain things seem to […]

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