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Thunder and Lightening.

It is days like today I think of Micheal a lot. Thunderstorms rolling through. He would have been out in the middle of them. I have a more than a few thunderstorm related memories of Micheal. When he was very little, not more than two, we lived in northern California. Well thunderstorms were very rare. […]

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The Dover Ban

A few weeks ago I was visiting Washington DC. It just so happens that the day after I met with Congressman Duncan D Hunter and discussed the loss of my son, the Dover ban Policy and taking steps to protect the names of our fallen from being used by organization that disrespect and exploit them, […]

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JSS Shulla Iraq

JSS Shulla Iraq was turned over to the Iraq security forces on March 2nd, 2009. It is not a story you will hear on the main stream media. It was a positive story and more proof our military accomplished their mission in Iraq. More proof we have won in Iraq. This story jumped out to […]

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"That’s a When I Get Home Story Mom"

Pokey never told us much about what was going on in Iraq of a personal nature. He would mention little things or funny stories. I think he told his father more than he told me. He would often say he took pictures or this or that happened but “That’s a when I get home story”. […]

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