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24 Feb 2009 One Year

At 10:05am Baghdad time 24 Feb 2008 an EFP (explosive formed projectile)was fired up on the second vehicle in the convoy. It hit the driver’s door. My son was the driver. The medic attended to him on sight. Once stable enough he was medivac’d out to the 86th CSH ( combat surgical hospital)where a team […]

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"I was told to call you"

A few months back I got a call I was not expecting. It was a soldier who served with my son and who had come home after being injured. I could tell he was scared to call me. He and I had not emailed but one of the Sgts. had told him he should give […]

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"Who is he angry at?"

I spent five days at Ft. Campbell for a Memorial dedication and just hanging out with the guys of my son’s company. I had many good times I will be writing about but one particular conversation with my son’s Company commander burns in my memory. It was not a serious in depth conversation but it […]

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It happened in Iraq.. did you hear?

I received this in email this morning. I was joyous in reading it but at the same time angry. Why email? Why is this not on the front page and the mainstream news? This is a VICTORY! My son laid down his life as did so many others. American men and women made sacrifices to […]

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Back To Ft Campbell

In a few days I will be making yet another trip to Ft. Campbell. The official reason is to be present for a memorial dedication. The Army honors their own in many ways. I remember touring the existing Memorials when we were there in may of 2008. I found great comfort in knowing that those […]

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