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Rate Your Year

A favorite blogger titled his daily blog today ” Rate Your Year Here” and it got me thinking. Of course my first thought was it was “my year was cursed”. And it was but I also had to stop and think about all the blessings. You see this same blogger asked a question the other […]

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The Gift of Giving

I was speaking recently with someone regarding charities that support the troops. There was a remark made that the government should take care of it all. What this person (who has a heart of gold and truly cares about the troops) forgot is that by doing something through private charities we are not only taking […]

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Christmas 2008

I spent a little of Christmas with my Army family last night. As most you know the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq asked me to help coordinate a few blog talk shows together and put on a 6-hour message read. The first two hours the troops were unable to log on but during the 3rd […]

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Ask ..Just Ask…

One of my son’s former teachers dropped by today. Magazine in hand… ” Have you seen this?” There it was.. my son’s picture. His bright smile. He was in the lined up of Fallen. The first fallen in Oklahoma this year. Now while I am glad he and the others are being remembered and honored, […]

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Christmas With the Troops

About a week ago I was asked by a Solider in Afghanistan what I thought about doing a blogtalk radio show for the troops. A show that the guys who are way from home this Christmas could send in messages and have them read, request songs and hear greetings from home. Instantly I was smiling. […]

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The Reasons for Going to War

Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq stated 22 reasons why the United States went into Iraq(in order written in the resolution) 1. Iraq’s past war of aggression and illegal occupation of Kuwait in 1990. 2. Iraq’s failure to abide by the unequivocal sanctions agreed to after 1991. 3. […]

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Why I Tell My Story

Last night I was called some pretty nasty names. No worries as I have been called worse by better. But they stated also that I am in denial about my son’s death and that I am simply seeking sympathy. This I take issue with. My son was well read in history and knew more clearly […]

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One I wrote a while back…

August 8, 2008 – Friday He’s a hero now.. When Micheal was killed one of the things people said to us often, to comfort us, was that he was a hero now. They are right, he is, but I want to ask them why did he have to die for them to realize he was […]

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Do we still set a plate?

“Do we still set his plate? Do we still set his chair? Do we still buy him gifts and if we don’t did we not care?” ~ Winter by Bayside The holidays are here and as much as I thought I was prepared I’m not. Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are now counting […]

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